About Us

At Living Solutions we design and implement personal risk management solutions for our clients using the following approach:

          • Take the time to identify your needs.
          • Identify problems and find the best solutions for your specific circumstance.
          • Present the solutions in a clear and easily understood manner.
          • Implement the advice and inform you on the process and the progress.
          • Supply you with quality ongoing service by keeping you up-to-date and well informed.

      We see our role as:

          • Helping you to determine the key risks facing you and your family.
          • Evaluating the potential effect of those risk events on your finances and lifestyle.
          • Determining how the financial and lifestyle effects of these risk events can be managed.
          • Assisting you to indentify and implement the most appropriate and cost effective solutions for your unique circumstances.

      Ultimately, the real proof of any insurance program is at claim time and this is often the time at which you most need advice and support. We are fully committed to provide the support and advice needed in such troubled times.