Background and Experience

Director: Collen Holder

I grew up in South Africa as one of three children in a Afrikaans speaking household.  Both my grandparents had family farms in South Africa where I spent a lot of my childhood. After touring Australia and New Zealand in the early 1990s I decided to immigrate to New Zealand in 1995.  I am married with a New Zealand wife and we have two beautiful young daughters. I am passionate about travel and the great outdoors.

I have over 25 years professional experience including more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry in New Zealand. I have been an Insurance Advisor in New Zealand since 1996. I commenced in the Industry with Metropolitan Life whom I represented as a sole agent.  Since 2000 I have been an independent Insurance Adviser representing most major insurance companies in the New Zealand market.

My experience is supported by a number of tertiary level qualifications including Graduate and Post Graduate Studies. I have completed all required company courses and qualified for awards and certificates in recognition for training, sales and general business achievements. I actively participate in ongoing educational requirements for the Financial Services Industry.